Historic Charm meets Modern Comfort


City House was built in 1925 by D. Bailey Brandt, Secretary-Treasurer of Harrisburg Storage Company, as identified in Building Harrisburg, The Architects and Builders 1719-1941 by Ken Frew. The architecture of 915 Front Street was inspired by Spanish prototypes that were being architecturally explored during the era. The home has endured much over the years including being divided into two homes in the 1940's and serving as a group home in the 80's and 90's. The current owners, Chris and Erica Bryce, are the third of the property and have chosen to restore it to the original one family dwelling commenting that, “The original structure of the house was built for entertaining. Returning it to a single family home recreated that ease of movement and wonderful flow.”

Modifications were completed to the home in the spring of 2010 to create the Midtown Harrisburg bed and breakfast that we welcome guests into today. Such additions created a comfortable living environment with modern amenities and old-world charm. Some of the internal and external changes included security, fire alarms and emergency exit lighting, along with gated parking, and keyless entry. Prior bathrooms were also gutted, rebuilt and modernized, all while maintaining the 1920’s era charm. Such changes also allowed privacy for guests, each room has its own bathroom.